Burgers & Sandwiches

Avocado Toast


Toasted multi-grain bread, topped with fresh avocado, extra virgin olive oil, hint of lime and crushed red pepper flakes.  Add: Poached Egg $4           

Open Sliced Steak Sandwich


Sliced sirloin served over a French baguette with onion rings and fries.

California Grilled Chicken Sandwich


Served on ciabatta with lettuce, tomato & onion. Topped with melted Monterey Jack and sliced avocado. Shoestring potatoes and our spicy chipotle sauce on the side.

Maryland Crabcake Brioche-wich


Served with tricolor slaw, shoestring potatoes and roasted garlic aioli.

California Burger


Shredded lettuce, tomato and onion, topped w/melted Monterey Jack and sliced avocado. Garnished with French fries.